Litigation – Civil and Commercial

Risk of Claims

Gibson Howlin Lawyers prides itself on giving cost effective, practical and accurate legal advice in all litigious areas. Under our Legal System, Clients who carry on business or who lack insurance for certain risks, may be exposed from time to time to both Civil and Commercial Litigation claims. If you find yourself in circumstances where a claim for damages may be made, our Firm has the skill and resources to advise you on the appropriate course of action.

Enforcing Legal Rights

Our Clients may also wish to enforce Commercial and Civil legal rights:

  • For a person to perform a promise or a Contract;
  • To restrain conduct or behaviour which may be damaging to a business;
  • To enforce a legal right, including the payment of money.

Gibson Howlin Lawyers have a well deserved and long standing reputation in prosecuting your legal rights. Our Firm will analyse the facts and give you prompt and considered advice without delay.

Early Preparation

Our experience dictates that our Clients are far better prepared to deal with litigious matters if, at an early stage of threatened litigation, they obtain legal advice from either Jason Green, Daniel Stephenson and John Ferguson. Our Firm has an extensive Referral network of Junior and Senior Counsel. Together with you as our Client, Gibson Howlin Lawyers can provide great care and skill throughout the litigation process.

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