Criminal and Traffic

Our Lawyers can assist you in all of the following Courts:

  • Court of Criminal Appeal;
  • Supreme and District Courts and New South Wales;
  • Local Courts in New South Wales.

Jodie Jamieson, Daniel Stephenson and Johnathon Neofytou appear in these Courts, dealing with Criminal and Traffic matters on a regular basis. They are familiar with all Court procedures, including bail applications. If you find yourself involved in Court proceedings it is our strong view that you should obtain legal advice at the earliest possible opportunity. Even if our Clients are found to be guilty of criminal acts, the experience and skill of Gibson Howlin Lawyers will invariably result in a fair and just outcome during the Court process.

Our Firm is held in good regard within all Civil and Criminal Courts in the State of New South Wales, and we can offer our expertise, ability and good reputation to our Clients when they most need it.

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