Family Law and Relationships

In our society most of us will ultimately end up married or in a defacto relationship, often with children. The pressures of modern life may cause breakdown and disruption in family and defacto relationships. During times of relationship breakdown it is vitally important that you have access to a competent Lawyer with experience and ability in advising on:

  • Parenting Matters;
  • Child Support and Spousal Maintenance;
  • Property Rights;
  • Access to Counselling and Mediation Services.

Jodie Jamieson has over 15 years experience in Family Law matters and is assisted by Daniel Stephenson, in providing professional and competent advice.


All matters are treated on a strictly confidential basis. In your earliest interviews our Lawyers will advise you of your legal rights, and the likely time and cost of any proceedings contemplated by you.

Conciliation and Mediation

Gibson Howlin Lawyers actively promotes conciliation and mediation techniques. Our Firm attempts to resolve family law disputes without Court Proceedings, unless necessary. The Family Court insists that any parties in dispute must try and first resolve their differences by mediation and negotiation, without the intervention of a Judge.

Delayed Payment Arrangements

Our Firm is prepared, in certain circumstances, to act for Family Law Clients on a basis which can allow you to conduct your claim without great financial pressure given that you may not have access to funds at separation. The basis on which our Firm may act for you will be discussed in your initial conference, which is not a free conference. Please contact us for further information regarding costs.

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