Taxation Audits, Objections, Reviews and Appeals

Gibson Howlin Lawyers can assist its clients with various taxation issues that arise in day to day business operations. Situations may arise where the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) may audit a business and ultimately raise taxation assessments contrary to your understanding of the taxation affairs of your business. We are able to assist you through the audit, objection and review process.

We are able to assist clients by liaising with their Accountants and Advisors to provide advice on your prospects of successfully altering the ATO’s position. By providing this advice we can ensure an Objection is best placed to proceed to hearing in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or Federal Court if necessary.

We can provide advice in various areas of Taxation law including:

  • Income Tax
  • Goods and Services
  • Capital Gains Tax 
  • Superannuation

Debt Negotiation and Interest & Penalty Remissions

The ATO may impose various general interest charges, shortfall interest charges and penalties on a taxpayer’s account. These charges can arise for a variety of reasons and the ATO may seek to bring recovery action against you to enforce payment of such penalties.

We can assist you in negotiating with the ATO by either entering into payment arrangements, disputing the liabilities and/or seeking remission of penalties. A properly drafted Remission Application may result in large savings for you or your company. Such savings may be the difference between a client continuing to trade into the future or face going bankrupt.


There are times when you might be facing severe financial hardship, through no fault of your own. We are able to assist you negotiate with the ATO and if your circumstances suit, you may be able to apply for a release of your taxation liabilities.

We can review your financial circumstances with you and advise on the prospects of successfully obtaining a release from your debts.

Jason Green and John Ferguson can give you advice concerning any taxation issue or dispute with the ATO.

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