Heather Sutherland celebrates 25 years at Gibson Howlin Lawyers

14th August 2013 the Lawyers and Staff celebrated with Heather as she reached 25 years continuous employment with our Firm.

High Tea was served in our boardroom. Speeches of congratulation were made by the four senior Lawyers, Reg Gibson, Matt Howlin, Bruce Honeyman and Jodie Jamieson.

Heather is an institution in her own right and an important part of the success of our Firm. We look forward to many more years with her.

Our female Lawyers, Jodie Jamieson and Michelle Caton, were joined by Jean Williams (our Registration clerk) and our Secretaries and Receptionists for High Tea with Heather.


Heather thanked our staff for the honour of the High Tea while Jennifer Foley (one of our Licensed Conveyancers) enjoyed her speech.

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